Scout Bags for Summer!

Simply put:  Scout bags make our lives easier.  We use them every day - for running errands or to the store ... we throw snacks and other necessities in while carpooling ... essentials are tucked into cosmetic bags in our purses ... and now in summer, we know we'll use them even more.

Pool totes, beach totes, coolers, weekend travel bags.  They're all lightweight yet durable, with fun patterns for everyone.  Some customers prefer a preppy, pastel stripe or classic nautical look ... others like a more neutral, no-color look, or NY chic black and white stripes.  Whatever the preference, there's a style to suit all.   

The best part is, they are easy-clean and come with plenty of pockets to stay organized (which is very helpful on those outdoor outings)!  Water bottle, sunglasses, sunscreen, snacks, towels - everything has a place.   We are so glad to have brought Scout into Painting with Flowers ... they flew out of here for Mother's Day gifts and graduation gifts.  We wonder how we ever managed without them!



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