Lavender Faux Fur Neck Pillow, Arctic Circle

Lavender Faux Fur Neck Pillow, Arctic Circle

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Treat yourself to some spa-like relaxation:  This luxuriously-soft neck pillow is the perfect therapy, right in your own home.

Simply microwave the pillow for 1-2 minutes, and enjoy muscle-soothing heat and relaxing lavender aromatherapy, right where you need it.

Lavender is one of the most beloved herbs, used for centuries for its soothing fragrance and healing properties.  The fragrance of this pillow is light, not overpowering.  Gayle uses hers every night - it's so comforting, and helps you fall asleep.


Measures 14" Diameter

Weight:  2.5 lbs

Insert filled with Lavender + Flaxseed

Made in California

Ultra-soft faux fur cover is removeable for easy washing


Pattern:  Arctic Circle

A lovely, pampering gift idea!