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Charcoal Detox Face Soap

Charcoal Detox Face Soap

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What can we say - we love this product!  

Charcoal Detox marble-swirled bar soap makes your skin feel so soft, and gives a glow to your face.   From teenage acne-prone skin, to the finer facial skin of those of us in our senior years, this soap had a positive impact on the skin of everyone among our staff.   

(One customer bought a bar, and called a few days later to order a case for herself.  Yes - the improvement is noticeable that quickly!  Don't hesitate to try it).


-  2.25 oz bar

-  Ingredients:  purified water, oils of organic olive, sunflower, coconut, palm, shea butter, tea tree oil, dead sea mud, essential oil of lavender, lime, tangerine, exfoliating ground walnut seed shells, chamomile powder, calendula powder