Eucalyptus Faux Fur Neck Pillow

Eucalyptus Faux Fur Neck Pillow

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Soothe achy tired muscles with the reviving scent of Eucalyptus/Lavender.

This Faux Fur Neck Pillow is the ultimate relaxation treat.  Warm in the microwave or dryer for soothing warmth, or chill in the freezer, then apply to provide rest and comfort to the neck & shoulders.

The super soft faux fur and subtle herbal fragrance feel like an aromatherapy spa treatment, right at home.


Measures 14" diameter

Weight:  approximately 2.5lbs

Insert filled with Lavender and Flaxseed  

Made in California

Ultra-soft faux fur cover is removable for easy washing


Color:  Silver Fox


A thoughtful, pampering gift they will absolutely love!